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All the while, the ambitious young actor was keeping his sexuality and private life a secret from the world.Jeffrey Schwartz’s absorbing film biography lets Tab Hunter tell his own story in extensive interviews, while employing masses of footage from all eras of Hunter’s career, creatively cut so the Tab Hunter of the ’50s and present day exist side by side on screen.Throughout a decade of major films (and a few decades of less than major films), Hunter was dogged by rumors of his homosexuality.In his 2005 autobiography the famously private star broke his public silence and revealed details of both his professional and personal life, including his love affair with actor Anthony Perkins.

The sexual orientation of those featured here did not stand in the way of their achievements.As a teenager, Art Gelien (later dubbed Tab Hunter) worked as a soda jerk at Wil Wright’s Ice Cream Parlor in Hollywood, where his most memorable experience was serving ice cream to Gene Kelly.As a young boy he lived for a while on Catalina Island, where he dove for coins tossed into the harbor by tourists departing on cruise ships for the Los Angeles mainland. John’s Military Academy, a Catholic boarding school. Paul’s, where he was terrified when the choirmaster once kissed and fondled him.Tab Hunter sat down for an exclusive interview with Coming out to myself.I’m a very private person who grew up with a strict German mother who believed “loose lips sink ships.” Without a doubt, my sexuality was something that I just never discussed, especially in the 1950s.

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